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Backboard is a mobile first photo and video backup service

Encrypted Storage and Sharing

At Backboard, we value your privacy first. That’s why your data goes through two levels of encryption. Your precious photos and videos can only be seen by you and the people you choose to share them with.

Share with the people you love.

Seeing is Believing

  • Meet the Miller Family

    “My wife owns an iPhone and I’m more of an Android guy, but with Backboard, we’ve been able to seamlessly sync all of our pictures and videos!”

    - Jon
  • Meet Valarie

    “I love my apple products, but I’ve never been a fan of icloud. I’ve turned to Backboard to sync, store and share private content with my friends and family!  ”

    - Valarie
  • Meet the Garcia Family

    “With so many devices and operating systems in the house, it was a hassle to backup everyone’s memories! With Backboard, we’ve been able to put all of our photos and videos in one family account, where they are safe and ready to share and enjoy!”

    - Kevin
  • Meet Julie

    “I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a backup service that would allow me easy access to my photos on any device while making sure they’re truly encrypted. Backboard is the only service I’ve found that just works! ”

    - Julie

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